Maotai wine should be tasted like this
  • Date:2019-11-28
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We all know that Maotai liquor will be more and more mellow after a long time. Maotai old liquor is also more fragrant than the newly brewed Maotai liquor, which is also the reason why the price of old liquor is higher than that of new liquor. Because of its high value, old wine has a great collection value. Therefore, when tasting old wine, you can't feel free to use appropriate methods to taste it.

We should drink Maotai old wine step by step. For friends who drink Maotai for a long time, usually if you drink the Maotai liquor that just left the factory, after giving you a bottle of Maotai liquor that has been stored for five years, you will find that the color and taste of this Maotai liquor are better than the new one. But at this time, you can't rush to drink the old Maotai liquor which has been stored for 10 years, 20 years or more, because your taste buds need a process of adaptation, you need to slowly feel the charm of the old Maotai, and I believe you will fall in love with it.

So how to taste the old Maotai?

1. Wine glass
The old Maotai wine is very mellow, so don't choose too large glass when drinking, just choose a small ceramic glass of 2-3 yuan.

2. Wine separator
The wine separator needs to be determined according to the drinker. Generally, it is better to choose a 100-200ml ceramic wine separator.

3. Sober up
When you open the old Maotai liquor, don't rush to drink it. You should first smell the sauce flavor of the old Maotai liquor, and then pour the liquor into the wine awakener to wake up for 10-20 minutes, just like red wine. Because the liquor molecules have been sleeping in the bottle for too long, they will react after contacting with the air. At the same time, you need to gently shake the wine awakener and enjoy the liquid golden color of the old Maotai liquor And feel its fragrant charm.

4. Drinking
When you wake up the old Maotai liquor, you can drink it directly. When you drink the first three cups, don't pass through the first half of your tongue, one cup at a time. This is mainly to make our mouth, taste and smell adapt to the sauce flavor of the liquor.
At the beginning of the fourth cup, the glass containing the old Maotai liquor will be sent to the lip, sipping gently and slowly, sipping in the mouth, then smacking the mouth, slowly swallowing the liquor, naturally making smacking or clicking sound. Wait until the wine comes down, and quickly breathe, let the wine come out of the nose.

5. Blending
If there is a field where you can mix the old Maotai liquor that has been stored for 10 years with the new Maotai liquor in the proportion of 1:1, then the taste is more than you think. You can also adjust the proportion of the new and old Maotai liquor according to your own taste to make you satisfied until now.

6. No alcohol
Some people are used to drinking some beer, red wine, foreign wine or other flavored wine after drinking Maotai old wine. This is what we call blending wine. Generally speaking, it will hurt people's body if you don't mix it like this.

A lot of people say that Maotai liquor is getting older and yellower, but is that true?

Many people think that the longer the Maotai liquor is stored, the yellower the liquor is, and the thicker it is. In fact, the general Maotai liquor is only slightly yellow when it leaves the factory, but the Maotai liquor has vitality, so after decades of storage, the color has changed, slowly from the original slightly yellow to slightly yellow, and it will become very yellow after decades It's a little green yellow, not the older the yellow.


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